USER Profile / Photographer


Freelance photographers...

I always loved the idea of creating a profile for photographers. I was looking at the 500px site and wanted to expand on what they are currently doing. Create something that was more personalized to the photographers, helped them create more of their own voice and something that made their availability very clear for potential clients.


Google Pixel / one tap access


First off...

I realize this is not a Google Pixel phone. Invision does not currently have a Pixel prototype to use. So I used what I had to for the purpose of this demo.

I truly love my Pixel phone so this was done in the upmost respect. That being said I sometimes find it frustrating that I can't access two of my favourite features within one tap. My battery usage data and setting my alarm. Says a lot about me, I know. But there it is. So my suggestion was to bring those two features out of the current pull down and anchor them to the home screen for quick access.